Thursday, 30 April 2015

April Favourites.

I have discovered and experienced some fairly awesome things throughout this month and as I've never done it before I have decided to take part in the ever growing fashion of monthly favourites posts!

A little list of the best things to come out of the month of April -

#1 - All Time Lows live lounge performance.

BBC radio 1 have a segment called Live Lounge which if you're unaware is where bands/artists come in and sing acoustic versions of other peoples songs. Inspired I know.
A few weeks ago one of my all time favourite bands (PUN INTENDED) decided to absolutely kill Elastic Heart by Sia. A beautiful song when performed by Sia but it becomes even more stunning when performed by an all American pop punk band!

#2 - Hummel trainers.

For a while I have been craving some black sneaker type shoes. Originally I wanted Vans as I adore the way they look but unfortunately I couldn't find a pair that didn't have leather in it's make up.
I did a little window shopping on Amazon.... I guess it's more screen shopping as there aren't actually any windows when internet browsing... anyway I came across some that had the design I wanted and finally were leather free!
They are indescribably comfortable and even have a padded heel which was unexpected but is like having a teeny tiny pillow for your foot.

#3 - Jalapeno crisps.

Yup sound weird right? That's what I though too upon seeing the packet nestled among the every day flavours. They are incredible and not overly spicy, jalapenos as a rule don't tend to be the "Oh my god I think my tongue might be melting" or "THE ONLY THING I CAN TASTE IS PAIN" reactions that come from other chilli peppers so in hindsight it was wrong to assume these wouldn't be mild. 
If you fancy something a little different to give you a little pick up with your lunch these are definitely the way to go.

#4 - First day it felt like spring.

There have been a few days this month where the sun has been shining, the birds tweeting away and it's actually been somewhat warm! 
We might be headed back into the realms of chilled weather but I have bee trying to make the most of the gorgeous temperatures we've had this month. It makes getting up in the morning a hell of a lot easier and everyone just seems to be that little bit happier once the worst of winter has vanished.

And just as an fyi that is my awesome puppy (he's 100% not a puppy at the age of 13 but we still like to pretend) his name is Jack and he also very much enjoys Spring walks.

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