Tuesday, 7 April 2015

Tunes For Tuesday | Sam Smith - I've Told You Now.

First post for the new series isn't that exciting?

I thought to kick it off we'd go for someone that is fairly well known and doing somewhat okay for himself right now.... Man of the moment Sam Smith.

Okay so he has been around a while and everyone can appreciate his unbelievable talent but it's only recently that I've actually listened to the entire album.... and it is stunning.
I've had In The Lonely Hour on replay at work for a couple weeks now (and bought the cd just so I can have it in my car) so choosing just one song for Tunes For Tuesday was not an easy task because I want to recommend every single track!

However after much deliberation I have chosen and the one song that I would advise every single person to listen to is I've Told You Now.
It might not be one of his well known singles that shot into the charts on release (quite rightly too!) but the lyrics are poetic, relatable and of course Sam sings it like a freaking angel.

Have a gander below -


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