Wednesday, 23 December 2015

Let's Talk About AHS.

I know I have been quiet here on my blog for a while but my life has just been a little insane - Christmas is a busy time, who knew?

One thing I have found time for is American Horror Story Coven. Me and my friend watched it in 3 sittings and holy mother of goddess is this a show you need to see!

By now there's no way you won't have heard about this series, it's EVERYWHERE and there's a reason for this. I've watched the first season, Murder House, most of season 2, Asylum (which I wasn't quite as fussed by), a few episodes of Freak Show (which seems like it will be amazing but my friend has already watched this one so I may have to catch up on  my own) and now Hotel has begun which I have seen nothing of, but Lady Gaga is in it so you know it's gonna be good.

So far Coven is easily my favourite by a million miles. I think what made me adore Coven is that I was so interested in the characters and this was true of each one, there wasn't a single person that didn't intrigue me.
Plus now I'm utterly obsessed with witches.
It's a bunch of badass ladies with magical powers trying to save their race whilst finding the next supreme which is basically the queen witch. Yeah it's awesome.

You can correctly assume from the title of this series that it's a little gory and scary at times but as someone who doesn't overly like horror films I still think these are wonderful. They are dark but more macabre than scary so you don't have to worry about too many sleepless nights.... although I didn't enjoy the drive home on my own after watching them.....

I don't know why I decided to write about this show but I think it's mainly just to tell as many people as possible to watch it because it is SO worth your time and effort. Not only are the storylines fascinating but because each season follows a new plot with different characters there is no possible chance for you to become bored, or if you aren't getting into one of the seasons as much as the others you can skip it because you won't miss anything for the next one!

Have you seen any of American Horror Story? Which season is your favourite so far?


Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Colour My World on YouTube.

I have made a few videos in the past for YouTube which really I'm not all that pleased about....
When I watch them back they make me cringe and I realised it's because I wasn't being myself, I was being what I thought YouTube wanted me to be.
Let's be honest those videos aren't what anyone wants! I have privated a couple and was tempted to private them all and effectively start over but then does that totally go against the message of the video I just made?
I think once I've made a few more that I'm happy with I might remove the others but for now they're staying.

But I like making videos and to an extent the point of the video I made is true to this blog as well. Hobbies are for you to enjoy so we should be able to do them without conditions or pressure.

This latest video is just me, natural and true so I actually like this one and hope any future ones follow the same vein.

Feel free to watch/comment/subscribe all opinions welcome!


Monday, 7 December 2015

My Make Up.

I've never had a great relationship with make-up, eye shadow will always end up on my cheeks, foundation is never pale enough - I guess they don't do the "I never go out in the sun because my skin hates it and so I'm as pale as an 80 year old" colour, my lips are too big for anything brighter than slightly pinker than my natural tone and I only learned make up has an expiry date when I was 21..... so that's what the little 3M meant on my 4 year old concealer....

Having said that I have started to ease the strain between us a little. I wear make up pretty much every day after seeing a photo of me without it and deciding that it wasn't for human viewing, my attempt basically just consists of eyeliner on top and mascara. That's it.

I do try and use a cruelty free range that I found called NYX which you can find online and at Boots stores - it's all reasonably priced compared to a lot of other ranges that claim to be cruelty free. Whenever a product is a specialty it unfortunately allows companies to charge more because they know people will pay if it's the only option. Bastards.

I have tried a few of their things as although I only wear limited make up on a normal day I do try a little harder for special occasions. I'll use foundation sometimes because, incredibly NYX have one that's light enough for me - now my skin isn't bad in the way of spots and blemishes (not that there's anything wrong with them and they certainly don't need covering) but it does have this rather lovely habit of glowing bright red whenever I have a drop of alcohol. So to cover that up a little I use the foundation.

I also have one of the eye shadow pallets which I haven't quite come to grips with yet as I really don't understand how the whole "blending" thing works but I have faith that with time I might learn.

So that's it. I don't have skills or any understanding of make-up, I just sometimes like to pretend I do.... a bit like when you get hold of your mums lipstick for the first time.


Thursday, 3 December 2015

November Favourites

It's that time again where I tell you about all the best parts of my month.

1. Seeing friends:

I spent the night at my friends, we had cocktails and went dancing (briefly) but the best bit was easily our trip to the Krispy Kreme cafe - doughnuts and coffee? Yes please. She is fabulous, plus who doesn't love a friend that won't judge a vegetarian that drunkenly eats KFC?

2. Volunteering:

I have recently done a small bit of voluntary work with an environmental consultancy to learn more about ecology as it's a possible career option I'm looking into.
I'll probably do a longer post discussing it at some point to let you know exactly what I got up to but I have loved it and it's been incredible to change things up and have a break from my current job for a few days.

3. Bath Christmas market:

This month I met up with my uni family for the first time in FOREVER, one of my boys I hadn't seen since my 21st which was 2 and a half years ago! We went to Bath where we first met and studied for 3 years to enjoy the somewhat famous market with all it's smells, colours and mulled wine.

4. Deciding to start playing piano again:

I haven't touched a piano for around 8 years but used to have lessons with my Mum and am starting to miss it. I'm someone that adores music and wants nothing more than to be talented in it someway..... but I'm not. I don't have a musical bone in my body, am tone deaf and also extremely impatient with myself so never allow the time to learn anything. As I was taught by a skilled pianist this became a hobby that I could actually do! Sadly I was fickle and gave it up to do another passion I'd had since childhood which was horse riding. Recently I have had real motivation to try and play again so have bought myself a load of different books that have songs I know in but that are super easy for beginners.


Also for anyone that read my last post I am so happy to say that I've found a new home for my last rattie D'artagnan and although I will be a little heart broken to say goodbye I know he's going to someone who will give him the life he deserves and he will be part of a new group which hopefully he'll settle into quickly.