Saturday, 19 January 2013

I survived a gym class!

Yes I'm shocked too.

However I have signed up to a gym and went to a zumba class. It was actually really fun, I managed to do most of it, even if I was out of time and looked like a walrus trying to do yoga. I am so uncoordinated and assumed I would be the arse end of rubbish at zumba, which for those that don't know, is a mixture of dancing and aerobics I guess.

The dancing aspect is really and genuinely enjoyable, it's energetic and addictive. The toning side of it was where I struggled a bit more, the lungey and weighty stuff was the kind of thing where you can actually feel it working, and stretching muscles that to be honest I had forgotten I had and have probably withered into nought but a snail sized mush.

Anywho the point of this was to say that if anyone was considering trying Zumba or another gym class. Go for it. I genuinely can't wait for next week to go again.

Here's to, for the first time in too long to mention, having a summer ready body. Good times.

Byee x