Sunday, 28 June 2015

Awesome Of The Week | Sisterly nights out.

FYI none of these are my sister!
Last night I was supposed to be going to the cinema with two of my friends but when one of them flaked in the afternoon we didn't go (meaning still no Jurassic Park for me, I'm very sad about this).
I mentioned this in passing to my older sister just as she was going out the door in her glad rags to meet a work colleague for a meal out.

Whilst eating their dinner both my sister and her friend decided they wanted to move on to somewhere with drinks and dancing! My sister then text me saying I was more than welcome to join them as I had now been left with bugger all to do on a Friday night.
At first I was unsure - buses had stopped as I live in the arse end of nowhere so they stop at about 8pm and also taxis are fairly expensive. I decided to message both the guys I would have been seeing the film with to ask if they wanted to join me for some drinks etc.
Toby, who was the friend still intending to go to the cinema, replied and wanted to come along but as he had things to do in the morning would drive and not stay too late. Win for me as that way I wouldn't need a taxi - woo hoo.

So he came and picked me up we headed to the pub where we were meeting up with the girls to find they weren't there.....
Turns out they'd bumped into my sisters friends on the way and got caught up chatting and also noticing her ex was out and it was the first time she'd seen him since they broke up. Just so you know he's a massive douche bag.

Once they found us and we had some drinks we obviously hit the dance floor and the tunes were being blasted my friend. They had everything from a live band playing Jungle Book songs and Bruno Mars and then once they left stage we enjoyed a bit of MJ, Beyonce and Grease medleys. Basically everything I would want on a night out!

Toby had to leave at about midnight and the ex made it a tad awkward by being weird but all the friends he was with were lovely. They danced and chatted and the whole night was amazing.

I don't know if it's just me but I always find that spontaneous plans always seem to end up being the best. Perhaps it's because any that you organise and think about too much have way too much pressure and expectations surrounding them and it inevitably doesn't live up to them

We stayed out until 2 and oh my did we crack out the moves. So spending time with my sister is awesome, which I knew anyway but it's always nice to share!


Bonus picture for you:

Thursday, 25 June 2015

Out is In.

Recently a whole troop of people have decided to take the leap of faith and open up about their sexuality. I'm mostly talking about Youtubers in this instance, youtubers such as Joey Graceffa and Ingrid Nilsen also in the past we've had Troye Sivan, Connor Franta, Tyler Oakley just to name a few.

And I love it.

I am so pleased that more and more people in the public eye feel comfortable, confident and supported enough to talk about things that are clearly very personal to them. It's encouraging a whole generation to not be afraid of being themselves - whether that is to do with sexuality or any other insecurity - it's all good with us.

I've been an LGBTQ supporter forever and although I myself am straight it doesn't stop me from feeling super happy about the love that is being spread through these videos. 
Even in this day and age it can still be a scary prospect to be openly gay or bisexual or anything other than straight lets be honest. All these "celebrities" that have a mass following and who aren't straight is only going to encourage the acceptance of love in all it's forms.

No matter who you are attracted to love is always something to be celebrated. Always. So to all those who have made the decision to be public with their sexuality, and those who haven't, I salute you, keep doing you!

I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting and expecting a time when coming out isn't a necessity for anyone. That you can bring home a partner of any gender, race or background and the only part of it being judged is that you are both respectful, caring and loving towards each other.

So here's to spreading love, however you want to take it!


Tuesday, 23 June 2015

Tunes For Tuesday | Four Five Seconds by Katja Petri.

Obviously this song is everywhere and originally by Rihanna but I came across this version on spotify and fell so in love. I kinda liked the song when I heard the original but there's just something a bit more special about this one.

I think it sounds more emotional and Katja manages to truly connects to the song plus unpopular opinion alert but I've actually never rated Rihanna so it was interesting to hear one of her songs sung differently.

Let me know what you think of this version?


Sunday, 21 June 2015

Awesome Of The Week | Game of Thrones.

Before you read any further I want to put out a disclaimer that I will not be giving away any spoilers as I am awful at watching shows at the time of being aired so if you are yet to get around to watching season 5 I won't ruin it for you!!

Game of Thrones has been a massively well received TV series and once you start it yourself you quickly see why. For me the main reason for my interest are the plot twists, everyone loves the unexpected and J.R. Martin does it like no one else and you're always left shocked and often highly emotional!

Season 5 was no exception with new alliances, huge turns, dragons and a number of  deaths that honestly I'm still not over. No matter how mentally scarring this show is I can't help but go back for more, the allure of the unpredictable, characters that become family and really one of the best theme tunes ever it's not surprising I'm an addict.


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Tunes For Tuesday | I Just Can't Help Believing by Elvis Presley.

I am done with being ill and hoping that sheer will power is enough to improve the state of my health!

Anyway on to this weeks TFT - I have been listening to a fair bit of Elvis over the past few weeks, I'm not entirely sure where it came from but I've decided to share my latest fad with you.
As with all his stuff this one just makes you want to don a poodle skirt and dance the night away and I am always a fan of songs that do that, if you aren't moving in some way by the end then you clearly aren't human.

I hope you get as much from the king as I have been:


Thursday, 11 June 2015

Being Sick.

I am currently off work with what can only be described as the grossy gross lurgy.
I have been feeling drained and a bit rubbish for a couple days now and had to properly debate going to work or not - I'm one of those people that always feels guilty about letting people down and have only had 2 days off in two years. This added to the fact that I recently took annual leave during the busiest time of the month for my job aaaand I have had to do the same for next month made it a tougher choice than normal.

There are times though when it gets to the point where your health is more important. I did not sleep well due to my reduced ability to breath and woke up feeling even worse than yesterday. I got myself out of bed and mulled over getting ready for work but I have run myself down and if I don't allow for rest I'll end up needing even more time off - taking the day should mean I'm more equipped for tomorrow.

So many people hate calling in sick and worry about the consequences but I am here to tell you that every single human being gets ill and needs to take time for themselves. Listen to your body and learn what it needs whether that be a kick up the butt to just get on with things or a serious sit down to rid you of any sicky demons that might be hanging around. You don't have to feel guilty or like your causing issues for other people regardless of how hectic your job might be or if someone might need to pick up a little of your work. In the long run if you don't allow time you will run yourself into the ground and end up at a place that takes a hell of a lot more effort and time to come back from.

Allow yourself to get better.

Take time.

Feel well.


Tuesday, 9 June 2015

Tunes For Tuesday | See You Again - Wizz Khalifa

Business as usual! I am back to posting as per my normal schedule and apologise for the couple that have been missed. A week completely crammed full of being active and then succumbing to illness has left me rather drained so I hope you can forgive me and accept this short little post.

By now you will have heard this song many many a time but it became a sort of theme song for my recent trip away (which I will chat about at a later date). Now when I hear it I look back fondly and if I didn't before now definitely get a tad emotional - the story behind the song and the music video would break even the stoniest of hearts, you can't fail to be moved by it..

I can't imagine the pain of losing a friend and think that immortalising them in a song is a beautiful way of letting them live on.