Wednesday, 2 August 2017

July Favourites.

The sky is grey, it's raining and I'm craving ALL the tea.... must be August.

So now we are on to  day 2 of August (how the hell did that happen?!) I thought it was a good time to share the things I have loved in the month of July.

 1. Maple Sunrise cereal.

This cereal is insanely tasty! Now I myself am not gluten free but I couldn't find anything else similar in the general cereal aisle so picked this one up. Anyone that is gluten free will know that if a product has those two words on the packaging the price is increased double.... ugh.
So compared to others this might be a little more pricey but what I did was buy some cheaper own brand cereal and I mix the two together.. maybe two thirds maple sunrise....

But I urge anyone to try this if you like sweet, crunchy breakfasts.

2. Pole Fitness

Pole is something I did a few years ago for a couple of months but for multiple reasons I stopped before I got very far. Thankfully my wonderful friend decided to come back with me and it's been awesome!!!
Only minor injuries have occurred so far but increasingly complex moves are bound to result in more right??

If you live in the south of England and fancy giving it a go please contact Emma at Pole Performers because she is magnificent.

3. Faith in Nature deodorant.

I agree that recommending a deodorant might seem odd however this is a cruelty free, vegan, one ingredient deodorant that has no scent and ACTUALLY WORKS!!! So yeah thought I'd mention that in case anyone needs to find something like this.

4. City of Bones (Mortal Instruments series).

Once again I am very late to the party with this Cassandra Clare series but I got there eventually and I think that's the main thing to focus on here.
If like me you are yet to delve into this fantasy world then please do yourself a favour and read this! I'm one book in and already looking for the entire series for a reasonable price, because I know I'm going to love the whole thing.

I will also give Game of Thrones an honourable mention because come on, it's basically the best thing that's ever happened to the fantasy TV genre .... and Emilia Clarke is bae.

That's it, hopefully you have seen somethings you've been loving or perhaps even new things to try! July was pretty great.