Sunday, 10 October 2010

THE meeting

I had the amazing oppurtunity to go to a signing of one of my favourite authors, Darren Shan. Unfortunately I have only read one of his series, the Darren Shan Saga, however it was utterly incredible it had me enthralled all the way through and I can't wait to read the Demonata series and the new series he is just releasing. Although not sure when I will have the time to read them as I should be studying hard right at this moment!! But appear not to be!

His books are not only gripping right from the start but an "easy read", not too say he isn't an intellectual writer his stroylines are very clever but his books are suited to anyone who would like a light read that keeps them interested for 12 books of the series. They all have unexpected twists that keep you captivated.
As much as I enjoyed dwelling in the world of Darren Shan for a short while, I was admittedly dissapointed with the ending of the Saga and I think that others felt similar.

As I read it I thought that maybe Darren would have a change of heart, as he effectively erased his entire history. This obviously included meeting Debbie and Evra, and yes maybe things didn't always go as planned and there were great losses but surely knowing Larten Crepsley for that short period was better than not knowing him at all??

This may just be me longing for the disney ending that I so wish for everytime I read a book! Growing up living off Disney has apprently given me unrealistic expectation of men and also life in general, not all stories can have a happy ending I suppose, life may become dull if this were the case.

I'd finally like to truely thank Sophie, my friend who had the immense generosity of giving me the fisrt book of Darren Shans latest series which will follow the life of a much younger Larten Crepsley and his journey into the darkness of vampirehood!
Can't even begin to explain the excitement!

Friday, 8 October 2010

All the new things...

So I've been at Uni for 2 weeks now although it feels a hell of a lot longer, this may be due in part to all my amazing housemates. There are 7 of them and I never thought that in only 13 days we'd be so close.
The fact that I haven't been homesick after being away for this long is a new experience, but I have to admit to liking it. As much as I'd love to see my parents again my conscience doesn't want to let me, I feel like I can't vacate the house on campus whilst my house mates who I still have so much more to learn about stay.
Reminising about the day I moved in I remember seeing my room and being very pleasantly surprised by the size, compared to my old room it's practically palacial. Also the first time i saw the people I would be living with for at least a year, Abbey first, who I met on facebook pre-moving in I was very excited to meet her face to face, undoubtedly I was aprehensive but my fears soon disspated as I realised what an exceptional person she was, as was everyone else who I met. She is a little dappy and a scatter brain but it makes her that much more indearing.
The next was Anna who greeted me with a massive smile and a hug so I obviously immediatley approved! She laughs a lot and loves her music, which is all good with me as hearing new music always makes life better! Her boyfriend is a very lucky man indeed as she is not only gorgeous but funny and very sweet.
Then there's Lydia, how do I describe her? ... the horny one, she apparently needs her boyfriend to come and see her very soon! But really she's a very amusing and lovable girl that everyone would enjoy spending time with. And yes she did embarrass herself by showing her bra to the kitchen of sutdents that dwell opposite, I can't imagine I'd be the only one to have enjoyed this. Again her boyfriend should be extremely pleased with himself as his girlfriend is hilarious and a very sexy dancer!!
Next Sean who we met in the stone courtyard between the 5 houses that make up our home Langton. The best description of him would have to be an adorable nerd! He enjoys his wii games, reading and superheroes in general, but he could make anyone smile just by walking into a room I guess he's just a pretty incredible soul.
Fliss is loud and proud, and so are we to know her, she has the most fantastic laugh and could easily light up an entire town with her warm nature. I can't imagine a more conscientious and affectionate girl.
Matt was the last one I had the good fortune to talk to and although quiet he has a fabulous sense of humour once you get to know him and the sweetest smirk you could imagine. Getting closer to him and getting to know his personality has shown, like most of the new people I have met, he is a very special, gracious and lovable person and defintely a friend worth having.
Of course there will always be those that you feel a close bond with, Sophie who I may not have met before venturing here, I feel especially attached to as she is just all round lovely and we have so much in common I really hope that with her and the entirity of my new home I am friends for a long time to come. I consider myself to have great fortune, having had the chance to meet all these people.
For the first week we went out a couple of times drinking copious amounts and I did some rather embarrassing dancing it must be said. I felt rather sorry for one of my housemates in particular, Matt who I decided in my intoxicated state to use as a pole whilst on the dance floor.
This week I started lectures, if you can call them that! They mainly consisted of reading through handbooks and health and safety talks, so basically talks on common sense. Despite that, one afternoon I played in mud in the woods for 3 hours taking samples. Oh the joys of environmental science.
I have ordered my books for my course which amounted to a rather ample cost. I feel like a fully fledged nerd when I think about my books because I get rather excited, and I am relishing the thought of learning again!!
Well here's to next week and the coming lectures of interest ... hopefully!

Friday, 16 April 2010

Blogging virgin!!

This is my first official blog right here! Not entirely sure what to do or write but basically I made this account as my friend made me so we can stay updated with each others activities when I go off to university.

Wow I hope this blogging thing gets easier with practice =)
I apologise for this rather dull and slightly irrelevant blog, the next one should be more interesting ... I hope although I can't say I lead a particularly interesting lifestyle =/.

Well that's about all I can think of especially as my friend is reading this over my shoulder probably wondering what the hell I'm rambling on about!!
I may have to write that she is sporting a rather fetching look of leotard over her trackies, wow she is pretty awesome.

Bye for now I guess
(apologies again it's kind of odd I feel like I'm talking to the computer when writing all this as it's not for one specific person)