Monday, 18 May 2015

Pit Stop | Dr Organic argan oil conditioner.

I could have waited and made this an awesome of the week but I want to save that for things other than reviews of products, plus I got overly enthusiastic and just had to talk about this so I'm making a quick pit stop on the blog.

For the longest time I have been trying to find a conditioner with argan oil without the insanely expensive price tag - I have some seriously out of control frizz and argan oil is the current craze to aid dry hair.
I was originally recommended Lee Stafford by my lovely cousin who has similar hair to me and so shares the same struggles. It worked okay for me although I didn't notice a huge difference from the conditioner I had been using previously plus I used it all in just over a week and at £10.99 a pop it wasn't a sustainable choice. (I do use the curl creme still though because it's amazing and lasts a super long time)

I for the life of me could not find any vegan conditioners with argan oil in them and believe me when I say I have tried a lot of products over the past couple of months and they all fell short of my expectations.
But my wishes were granted when I, on a whim, walked into a Holland and Barrett to pick up some snacks on a shopping trip and as we queued I looked to my left and saw it! This wonderful, shimmering, orange jewel - a completely cruelty free, vegan hair conditioner with argan oil.
Can I get a hallelujah?

My first experience with it was nothing short of magnificent! I only needed to use a small amount which is amazing compared to the 34 bottles I got through each time I used the other products I've tried (okay maybe that's an exaggeration). It went through my hair so easily, detangled it and it felt delicate and soft afterwards, not dry at all.

The best bit about this find? It costs £5.99 a bottle...... I am one very happy camper.

What are your beauty must haves?


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