Tuesday, 13 October 2015

October and Me.

The mystical entity has returned. Yes I have finally sat my ass down with a cup of tea, Pointless on the tele and the fire burning which can only mean it's time to let my fingers do a little work out on the keys again.

It's been some time and if you have read any of my past posts you may guess why I've been absent in the world of blogging and pretty much all social media. I have become severely anaemic again which if you didn't know is a low level of iron and red blood cells (if you did know I'm sorry but carry on reading as I'm sure it'll eventually you'll come across something less repetitive!). This means there is much less oxygen getting around my body than it would like - that's the rather important role that red blood cells play. Oxygen is vital for normal respiration and general bodily functioning so being anaemic leaves the sufferer feeling like they've just run a marathon, up a mountain, with a small child on their back when in reality you've only just woken up .... oh and there's the super fun side effect of the constant headache and feeling all kinds of dizzy.

This isn't supposed to be a woe is me kind of ramble though and I know you might be sick to the back teeth of hearing about it because I know I am! I did feel like I owed an explanation though so there it is. Now that's done shall we move on?
I have been wanting to do this for a very, very long time but only now have I truly felt able to. Plus I have the motivation which is so nice to have back that I honestly can't wait to get back into the swing of this.

A hell of a lot of things have happened since we last spoke - I was on TV (yes I'm as surprised as you are), passed my driving test, been to Norway and a host of other incredible things which I will be updating you on over the next few days. The true inspiration for opening up my website again though was because October has already been and is set to continue to be a busy, tiring but amazing month. I can't wait to share what I'll be getting up to and hope you find it at least a little interesting to read about. Plus I always seem to be way more excited and energised about everything in the Autumn. Yes I know it's a complete internet cliche to love autumn but I unashamedly admit here and now I ADORE AUTUMN.
My body as a rule struggles with any sort of extreme weather, in summer I get heatbumps and in winter my hands get so dry they start to split .... delightful isn't it? Autumn is the only season I get some reprieve, plus Halloween and the lead up to Christmas are my favourite things to got overly enthusiastic about (yes I know Christmas is in winter but you can't be too early in preparation).

Let me know if you're an autumn person or prefer another time of year!
Let's chat soon.


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