Tuesday, 20 October 2015

Fall Out Boy | 11th Nov 2015

Sunday, early afternoon, coffee and on a train to London. It was time to get excited as we were on our way (eventually) to Wembley arena to see Fall Out Boy!

I will admit that on their first run back in the noughties I actually didn't really get into them - obviously I knew Dance, Dance and Thnks fr th mmrs because who didn't? But my group of friends weren't actually big music fans in any form and when they did listen to music it was really only the chart stuff. So it was only on the release of Save Rock and Roll that I truly fell.... and fell hard for this band - you want an album that is simply perfection? That one.

We didn't get to the venue too early as we are old now and don't worry about queuing or being at the barrier any more! We ate our Pret A Manager risotto soup in the line and after a short wait headed in to get cider and our spot on the floor.

Three supports came on first and to be honest it wasn't anything special but they set up the night well for Fall Out Boy themselves. After a few hours .... yes hours, the lights finally dimmed, the screams began and four guys graced the stage.

The mix of new and classic songs they played were perfectly thought out, there was something for fans of every generation. I knew they'd put on an incredible show but I was still taken aback with just how good it was. The atmosphere was insane and you could feel the energy from every single person in the room.

This was intensified even more so when Patrick, Pete and Joe disappeared off the main stage only tp reappear in the middle of the crowd to play a few acoustics. I always feel a little sorry for the drummer at this point as they never get the chance to do the emotional, acoustic songs but this night was a very different situation. While those three made their way back to the main stage it was Andys turn to shine as he full on smashed it with an unbelievable drum solo! It was probably one of my favourite bits of the whole night.

As for the set list I honestly couldn't choose the best part, the whole thing was on point and I absolutely no one could fail to be impressed.
If you're a fan of Fall Out Boy or simply enjoy live music I can't encourage you enough to go and see these boys.


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