Thursday, 2 July 2015

June Favourites.

I didn't do one of these for May but I enjoyed Aprils a lot so decided to get back into the swing of it!

June was a bit of a strange month with some crazy stress at work and it really has flown by! I think because it wasn't the greatest of months I want to make an effort to pick out the good parts because there definitely were a few!

1. NYX cosmetics -

For anyone that doesn't know I have recently been struggling to find cruelty free make up that is affordable and actually works. I can't remember how I found this one but I am so pleased that I did because it's AMAZING.

I have tried a few of the products and loved them all, although to be fair if you know me at all you will appreciate that I am no make up expert and so my opinion isn't that of someone in the know! My daily routine consists of eyeliner and mascara and that's about it.
Now that I've found this site though I 100% plan on getting more skilled with different cosmetic pieces. I might do a more in depth post about the individual bits and bobs I bought but as a general favourite NYX is right up there for June.

2. Going to the gym or trying to -

For the longest time (literally years man!) I have been wanting to regularly go to the gym, end up loving it, being a gym bunny and having abs of steel and thighs that could crush a mans skull.
Now let's be honest for a moment - gym memberships are mad expensive but this became less of a problem when I remembered (after sort of forgetting) that my local gym actually has a free outside section!!

Now that I no longer have the cost as an excuse I have been once and also been to a yoga class. I did know but it was oh so apparent just how unfit I am as it took me about 3 days to be able to put my arms above my head without wincing. I shall persevere though and my aim is to try and go 3 times a week.
Wish me luck.

3. FIRES -

The first campfire I had was actually with my Brownie pack as we spent the evening teaching them how to safely build, light and maintain a fire. We also ate sausages and super sized marshmallows in digestive biscuits.....
The second was a simple one in my back garden with my sister and parents. It has been real summer weather recently and as it was warm enough to sit out we thought we'd make the most of it by having a bbq and then lighting a log, sat with my family and animals while listening to music and drinking pimms. Perfection.

4. Making life decisions -

This is a biggy but as I mentioned it's been an odd few weeks and I've come out the other side having made a few decisions about where I want to head next. I thought I was okay with the plan I had made but turns out it's not what I want, regardless of whether it seems like the sensible choice!
For me enjoyment and being happy with what I'm doing on a day to day basis is so much more important than money or job titles.

So although I don't have a specific idea of where my path will take me I do know that I'm going to make it change and am excited to see where it eventually leads!

So there you go 4 things that were pretty cool about June, I hope your month was fabulous!

What were some of your best bits in June?


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