Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Curing My Wanderlust.

I made a final decision to forget moving to my own place, changing my job or buying myself all manner of unnecessary things and just save. The plan being that the saving will lead to a trip to end all trips.

I have wanted to travel, and I mean properly travel, for years now but haven't been able to due to money, time and education/work commitments. But no more. I was sat on Sunday morning a little fuzzy brained from lack of sleep and asked myself "What's stopping you?". Turns out not much.

I have the chance to save now as I work full time and live at home so money spent on bills/rent/food is minimal, also the job I have now, although good isn't exactly what I imagine doing for a long amount of time  (don't get me wrong I will not complain about being in full time employment)..... In the end the one and only excuse I could think up was that I might not have anyone to go with. Most of my friends have rent to pay, work commitments and other boring adult things to deal with. Obviously I hope that I will find someone willing to come along on the journey with me because it's always better when you experience things with a friend but if not I'm doing it anyway and going solo!
It's a scary thought, being all on my own in a load of unknown countries but I realised that I can't let it hold me back from doing something I've dreamed of for years and years. I'm a strong believer that you regret the things you don't do more than the ones you actually do.

In order to organise, plan and choose my destinations for this adventure and probably a lot of future ones I am creating a new page for this blog.
Any time I think of a country, town, city or person I want to visit I shall add it to the list. Once I have been there it will be put into bold and linked to photos and a post all about what happened there. This is primarily a selfish plan to help me collate all the ideas I have and end up with somewhere all the memories are stored so I can go there and re-live them whenever I fancy it. However a secondary purpose is that it might be of interest to others, reading about the things I get up to plus I would love suggestions of places you've been that were good enough to share.

So here's to adventure, I know it's out there and I plan to find it.



  1. Great post! Came across your blog as I was searching for inspiration of my own. I am currently in the planning phase of my hunt to wanderlust curing as well. I have a few adventures in mind and leaving my life behind as well! Maybe our paths can meet somewhere out there! Happy traveling =]

    1. Thank you :) oooh where do you want to go? It would be incredible if we crossed paths!! Hope you have an amazing time travelling, I just read your post about leaving and it sounds exactly like me! I think we are kindred spirits! X