Saturday, 20 September 2014

Weekly Update.

So I am trying something different with this post, I always feel that my life is pretty uneventful and recently decided that I need to start making an effort do to things I enjoy and realise when interesting things actually happen to me.
I want to take a moment every so often to document what I have been up to and notice that “Hey I actually have a life!”.
I stayed with my housemate from uni last weekend in Crawley and as she lives in such close proximity to London it would have been rude not to go! We spent an incredible day going round Leicester Square including M&M World, Cyber Candy and then onto Trafalgar Square and The National Gallery to pretend that we are cultured.
We also experienced Five Guys for the first time – now if you are unsure of what this is (I had no idea of its existence until this weekend) or have never been then I shall explain. It is possibly the GREATEST BURGER JOINT OF ALL TIME. This is not a statement I would put out on the internet without some serious consideration as I take my burgers and more specifically my 50’s style American diners very very seriously. I am an avid fan of a restaurant chain called Ed’s Easy Diner which is also in Leicester Square and so wanted to give Five Guys a go, now the menu seems somewhat limited on first viewing but it doesn’t even matter, the food is so beautifully crafted that you need not ask for anything more.
The burgers look and taste completely homemade, the chips (fries) are hand cut and made fresh every day, they even have a blackboard hanging on the wall to tell the customers where the potatoes for that days chips (fries) came from which I assume is always a small English farm. Getting food from smaller farms and companies is always great and when I see such big restaurants doing this it makes me enjoy eating there even more.
Your order comes in a big brown bag with burgers wrapped in tin foil and fries in a paper cup, leaving no washing up for the hard working staff and also if you wanted it is all recyclable waste! As is evident from my babbling I loved everything about this restaurant, the food, the service, the atmosphere and highly recommend it to anyone who likes a good burger.... just maybe plan on an early lunch to avoid too much of a queue as it is extremely popular.

We then also made a spontaneous decision to get tickets to see a show – I had never seen a show in the West End until this point for one reason or another even though I adore the theatre (correction apparently according to my mother I saw Beauty and the Beast when I was little!). I didn’t want to include that in this post as it would be too long, if you’re interested you can find a separate post here.

This Wednesday I had my second Brownie meeting as an actual leader, if you are unaware I volunteer at one of my local Brownie packs and recently had to take over the running of it – see post about thathere – and for the first time I truly felt in charge. It was scary but pretty exciting too, I can’t wait to plan meetings and new things for all the girls to do. I think Brownies is brilliant but is in dire need of a fresh set of eyes to bring it up to speed. This week we made a scarecrow for the local competition in my village where different groups compete to make the best looking scarecrow, and of course ours is wearing Brownie uniform. We got very messy with paper mache to create a head and stuffed some old Brownie uniforms to make the bodies, it all went surprisingly well and fingers crossed the judges appreciate our efforts!

I went to Pole on Thursday as normal, I was super tired and the session didn’t go quite as well as it could have but I got some practice in and fingers crossed we will soon have a space to practice in for ourselves! For anyone wanting to find some form of exercise or class that can help with fitness, in particular strength then pole could be for you. I am not someone that enjoys exercise or is fit in any capacity, to come across pole which I actually look forward to going to and feel it working the next day was quite a win.

The end of the week was pretty chill, I had the house to myself so two friends came to see me and we drank cider and talked until half 2 in the morning. After a long week at work there isn’t much better than seeing friends that you can laugh with but don’t actually have to make effort with .... that sounds pretty bad. What I mean by that is relaxing is nice or more accurately necessary on a Friday and although socialising feels like hella lot of effort having people around you makes the evenings a bit more interesting. When I say friends I “don’t have to make effort with” I don’t mean people I don’t care enough about to try with, but friends that have known me for so long at this point that nothing would phase them meaning very little effort is required to enjoy their company.

Aaaaand that brings us to today, Saturday, sitting on my couch flanked by a cat on each side, coffee in my Maleficent mug, Tangled on in the background and writing. Utter bliss.


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