Saturday, 6 September 2014

Awesome of The Week: Wispa Biscuits

 Food is something very close to my heart so it should be no surprise it has come up in only the second week of this segment.

Any biscuit or chocolate fanatic will have undoubtedly come across these new Cadbury products. I think it started with caramel and then moved on to crunchie (don't quote me on this), which were both equally moorish.

But try and refrain from getting too worked up over these until I inform you of the latest release.... Wispa. Yes you heard correctly, Wispa.
On first taste you might be tricked into thinking it is simply a delicious shortbread biscuit covered in milk chocolate but you would be oh so wrong.
The further towards the middle you venture you'll be over joyed to find how much more this little snack has to offer. Balanced beautifully in the middle of the shortbread, hidden by chocolate, is the aerated centre normally found in the heart of a Wispa chocolate bar.

If you are yet to experience the joy that this biscuit can bring then go purchase a pack and you can thank me later.


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