Thursday, 10 March 2016

February Favourites

Short and sweet intro because I feel by now these posts don't require much explanation.

- Sweet and spicy noodle soup

I'd never had this flavour before but as soon as I saw it I needed it. Most cup a soups are fairly bog standard but this stood out and spoke to me soul (my soul definitely speaks in the language of food just fyi). It was delicious and I highly recommend.

- Afternoon Tea

I visited my lovely friend and her daughter this month .... well a whole group of us went and as we're now technically adults we decided to do something a little sophisticated and go for afternoon tea.
I always love a good afternoon tea, it's all the sandwiches man! Plus her little girl is the cutest thing I've ever had the joy of looking upon and yes you may say I'm bias but it's still true.

- The Walking Dead

Yes I am very late to this party but now I'm here and ready to boogie.
A lot of people in my life have insisted I need to get into the series and I knew that I'd love it but for some reason hadn't quite got around to sitting down and watching it.
My Dad recently made me sit down and watch from the start - he has already seen it all but was happy to re-watch with me.
We started this on Saturday evening and on writing this it is Thursday and I am a few episodes into series 4...... yeah that happened. To be fair I've had 2 days off work due to phlegmy illness issues and that is how I've managed to binge it so quickly. I imagine I'll be up to date in the next week.
I won't say anything about it in case of spoilers but I am so in love with Daryl it hurts a little. He is too good for this world and I just want to hold him and keep him safe forever and ever.

- Tenerife

My first holiday of the year happened in February and it was so necessary for my sanity I can't put it into words.
I've never been to Tenerife before and was a little worried it might be really touristy but I was pleasantly surprised by the area we went to.
We also went to a water park and a zoo which I would 100% re-visit both if I were to go back as they were amazing days well spent. FYI they were called Siam Park and Jungle Park.



  1. Food speaks to me too, I really like the asparagus cup soup with croutons haha. I've not jumped on the walking dead bandwagon, but loads of my friends keep trying to get me to watch it! Might just have to if it's on Netflix.

    1. I just adore a good soup in winter! DO IT, Seriously I wanted to watch it for a while but wasn't massively convinced but it is insanely good. So worth binging :) x