Thursday, 3 December 2015

November Favourites

It's that time again where I tell you about all the best parts of my month.

1. Seeing friends:

I spent the night at my friends, we had cocktails and went dancing (briefly) but the best bit was easily our trip to the Krispy Kreme cafe - doughnuts and coffee? Yes please. She is fabulous, plus who doesn't love a friend that won't judge a vegetarian that drunkenly eats KFC?

2. Volunteering:

I have recently done a small bit of voluntary work with an environmental consultancy to learn more about ecology as it's a possible career option I'm looking into.
I'll probably do a longer post discussing it at some point to let you know exactly what I got up to but I have loved it and it's been incredible to change things up and have a break from my current job for a few days.

3. Bath Christmas market:

This month I met up with my uni family for the first time in FOREVER, one of my boys I hadn't seen since my 21st which was 2 and a half years ago! We went to Bath where we first met and studied for 3 years to enjoy the somewhat famous market with all it's smells, colours and mulled wine.

4. Deciding to start playing piano again:

I haven't touched a piano for around 8 years but used to have lessons with my Mum and am starting to miss it. I'm someone that adores music and wants nothing more than to be talented in it someway..... but I'm not. I don't have a musical bone in my body, am tone deaf and also extremely impatient with myself so never allow the time to learn anything. As I was taught by a skilled pianist this became a hobby that I could actually do! Sadly I was fickle and gave it up to do another passion I'd had since childhood which was horse riding. Recently I have had real motivation to try and play again so have bought myself a load of different books that have songs I know in but that are super easy for beginners.


Also for anyone that read my last post I am so happy to say that I've found a new home for my last rattie D'artagnan and although I will be a little heart broken to say goodbye I know he's going to someone who will give him the life he deserves and he will be part of a new group which hopefully he'll settle into quickly.

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