Wednesday, 1 October 2014

I'm Doing Booktober

I have always been obsessed with learning about other peoples passions, the enthusiasm that exudes from someone who is in the midst of explaining something they love is an experience I treasure.

Now for a truly ridiculous amount of time I have been meaning to read more books, this is mostly due to the fact that for three years I lived with my lovely Sophie, who is the biggest book worm I have ever had the pleasure of meeting - and she is going to make it big in the industry very soon just you watch.

I shall digress from talking about how amazingly wonderful Sophie is so that I can explain the plan I am going to put into action in order to encourage myself into the habit of regular reading.
It is inspired by the brilliant Carrie Hope Fletcher, who for those that don't know is a YouTuber, blogger, author and currently playing Eponine in the Westends Les Mis.

She is an avid reader and every October she chooses four books to read and discuss, meaning each week throughout the month she has something to talk about with other literature enthusiasts - hence the name Booktober (Video about hers is linked here). I wish to do the same this month, so below are the 4 books I have had in my "To Be Read Pile" for months and months that I hope to finally get round to reading, I will write a little about each one when I finish and will link to them all below:

- Remember me?: Sophie Kinsella
- Daughter of Smoke and Bone: Laini Taylor
- Throne of Glass: Sarah J Maas
- Pawn of Prophecy: David Eddings

Anyone that fancies giving it a go or is simply interested in reading more I encourage you to do so, let me know if you plan to get involved and what books you are going to devour.

If that isn't enough inspiration than maybe knowing that this month is also host to the Books Are My Bag campaign which is an annual drive to get people to support book shops by bringing together readers of all ages, genders and genres to remind themselves what makes book shops so magical. Find all the info you need here and get involved.



  1. David Eddings is pretty much a legend - tell me if it's good! And I can personally vouch for the other three's awesomeness ;) Enjoy! X

  2. My sister and Dad have been on at me for literally years to start this series so fingers crossed it's as amazing as I expect it to be! Well I was recommended all of the other three by a rather stupendous person with fabulous taste so I have no doubt I will love them. x