Saturday, 2 February 2013

Funeral For a Friend (No this isn't about the loss of a loved one)

Let me start by saying, I honestly don't know much of FFAF stuff, other then they sound pretty awesome. My housemate is a much bigger fan however and so when she found tickets for 15 quid, well it only seemed sensible to go.

We went to Bristol earlier in the day to pick up the tickets and spend a bit of time in town looking round the shops, which I later regretted after purchasing clothing and having to take it to the gig with me! Thank god for cloakrooms.
TANGENTS... sorry.
The gig was at The Fleece in Bristol, how to describe the venue.....
It was down some rather dank, dubious looking back streets, and when we first arrived they were still setting up and building the stage! The best word to describe it would be a dark, secluded pub with all the tables and chairs removed and a small stage stuck in one end.... lots of black.
It was perfect.

If you get the chance to go, DO IT. It's small, intimate and once it all gets going it has the most consuming atmosphere, you can't get away from the surge of energy coming from every corner of the small room.
Lastly with the venue I want to mention something that I feel can't and shouldn't be ignored .... the toilets. It's a common problem at many venues that the facilities are, for lack of a better word, shit.
However there was no such issues here, they were clean, well kept, never full beyond capacity (with people, not any other nastiness. Cheeky!) and most importantly there was never that soul destroying moment when you reach to the side to find nothing but the bare bones of the cardboard tube left in the holder. You all know the one. Toilet roll always present? Check.

To the performances themselves, there were three support acts, I Divide, Major League and Such Gold (in that order). The first act were clearly fairly new and lesser known, but that didn't hinder them showing they had some real talent. They got the crowd joining in with their bouncy rock songs, even though attendance was still pretty slim at this point.
Major League had to be my favourite of the three, mainly due to the emotion and passion radiating from lead singer, Nick Trask. His voice which fitted perfectly with the pop punk style of their music, and they really whipped the crowd up so the room was much more energised in preparation for FFAF.
Lastly New Yorkers - Such Gold, undeniably the vocal ability and rock power was there throughout the whole band. They did however give out an air of disappointment at the crowd size and enthusiasm, which was warranted to a degree. At this point the crowd had lulled slightly in expectation for FFAF, and the band noticed it but perhaps went about bringing us back the wrong way....

Aaaaand then it was time for Funeral For a Friend, who literally exploded onto the stage, no need for big effects and pyros the band themselves exuded a  raw appetite for the stage. They broke the quiet that had somewhat washed over the crowd whilst waiting for the stage to be set up with the aggressive vocals of Matthew Davies-Kreye. The hard-core rock and bass pumped through everyone in the venue and could be felt in the bones.
My favourite bit of the whole night though, without a doubt was bassist Richard Boucher who throughout the entirety of the show was possibly the most intense musician I have ever had the pleasure to watch. Just looking at him you feel a part of the music and like he's pushing his soul out through the guitar in his hands. He feels what he's playing and it radiates out of him, particularly in his stare which loomed over the crowd with a power that made everyone need to throw themselves into the music.... and each other.
Oh yeah and he stage dived ... that was pretty cool. Mainly the staring thing though.

That's a brief over view of the show, hopefully once the set list goes up I'll post a review on The Harmonic Series. However if not, enjoy this one and head on over to the site anyway and read about all the awesome rock music that's going down at the moment.
I'll also be posting an interview with The Tower and The Fool on the 10th so keep an eye out for that.

Bye! x

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