Sunday, 17 May 2015

Awesome Of The Week | Graze Box.

This always seems to come back to food doesn't it?

I had Graze boxes a few years ago but quickly realised that students probably shouldn't have that extra expense! However I got a voucher in an Amazon package for a free box and decided to sign back up again - well I am working now!

Here's what was in my first box:

This was my favourite in the box as the 3 components had such differing tastes and textures. You can distinguish all the ingredients that are supposed to be there and the breadsticks tasted like little poles of pizza and how can you not like the idea of that!?

Cashews for me are the boss of all nuts and when you sprinkle them with rosemary and garlic you can't go far wrong.

The greatest compliment I could pay to this little snack is that I not only ate but enjoyed all of the olive croutons and I HATE olives. Like seriously they so gross. But the croutons? Delicious.

I'm new to the realms of pistachios and I don't know where they've been all my life but I have been missing out!!
When I saw the words "black pepper" I was a tad nervous as it can be such a powerful seasoning - there was no need to worry at all, they were freaking delicious.

The pepper complimented the natural sweetness of the pistachios and I would be lying if I said I didn't eat them all within about 3 minutes.

There's not much I can tell you about dried cranberries and raisins as I'm 87% sure you've had at least one of them before. These ones are infused with blueberry and cherry though!

Never before have I come across dried pineapple and I am terribly upset about it because I wish to kiss whoever decided to create it - sweet, chewy and an amazing afternoon pick me up in the office,

Time to come clean - I may or may not have consumed all of mine before taking a picture.....
I find when at work all day that towards the end I am in need of something small and savoury and now I would suggest this to anyone.

The crackers are crazy light and crispy with a chutney that has a kick but doesn't leave you in agony!

The first box did not disspoint at all, I enjoyed all the little treats that Graze chose for me! The best part of Graze is that you can go on the site and choose which items you definitely want in your boxes and which ones you don't (but it's still a surprise as to which ones you will get each week!).
They even have a section for those that have requirements such as vegetarian/vegan which as I am a new veggie and aspiring vegan it was made a whole lot easier as I could just bin anything that isn't vegan!
I don't know if it's just me but I've found vegan meals to be pretty easy to create but have seriously struggled when it comes to snacks. A lot of snacks are processed and contain all sorts of animal derived ingredients and milk powder for flavour! Having these boxes sent to me means I don't have to worry about whether I should eat this delicious looking food in front of me, I know it's vegan and healthy as their products are natural and can just dig in.
Just to add to the health benefits I opted for the Graze Light Box which means I can eat my box safe in the knowledge that it is fairly low in calories and fat. Bonus!

I definitely recommend this to anyone as you can cancel you subscription at anytime, opt out of any boxes if you're on holiday or just don't fancy a box that week and you can customise your boxes once you've tasted them by rating them and choose to get a box twice weekly, weekly or twice monthly.


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