Sunday, 24 May 2015

Awesome Of The Week | Canva.

This weeks awesome was found in an amazing post by the adorable Belinda who decided to be helpful and list all the tools she uses for blogging.

I decided to try out this one as I have been wanting to find somewhere to make graphics etc FOREVER and this is perfect. It's called Canva and is completely user friendly even for a noob like me! You can upload your own pictures and they offer literally 1000's of text options that you can edit to suit anything you are creating - the options are infinite! It's free to sign up and you can keep editing and amending as often as you like until it's exactly how you'd envisioned.

The only negative I have (which isn't even a negative) is that there are pre-made sizes set out and you can't change them so if the exact size you want is not on there then you will have to change it on another programme. However this is also a ma-hoosive pro as these sizes have been specifically chosen to be used for most social medias e.g twitter headers and blog posts as well we as business cards and posters.

It's how I made my new blog title, if you would kindly draw your attention to the top of the screen. I think this site is so ideal for anyone doing social media or trying to set up a webpage.

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