Thursday, 21 May 2015

Amateur Dramatics.

This week my friend, who is an amazing amateur actress, mentioned she was in her local production and I just I knew I had to go along.The play was a murder mystery set as a 1950's radio show and had me laughing out loud plus we got dinner which is always something that encourages me to go to events!

They changed the murderer each night so that no one could give away spoilers as half the fun came from voting for who you think was the killer. After the interval (and the murder!) each suspect came to the tables and you could ask questions and interact which really made you feel a part of the story. I have to give the actors their due as they all stayed in character under the heat of interrogation. I'm not sure I would have coped with the pressure and improvising the answers of the scrutinising audience - some of them got very into their job as detective!

Watching the show got me thinking about my own past in am dram which although not extensive I look back affectionately on.The first thing that comes to mind is feeling like a part of a community, everyone is there for the same reason to put on a show and have a good time - as it's amateur no one is worried if you cock up occasionally or if you aren't Shakespeare worthy (seriously they don't mind). I have so many fond memories even if I was only in about 4 shows so I wanted to share my love of shows because I think that others might get the same benefits from doing them.

It's an especially brilliant activity for kids to get involved in - the rehearsals keep them entertained at weekends, they'll improve their socialising skills being around other children they might not know as well as older people and will gain so much confidence which I think is one of (if not the) most important skill we can teach the younger generation.
They don't even have to be a major/speaking character - I never was.Yes it can be a little scary before you go on but as I was always a part of the chorus I never went on stage alone but with a small group of people I'd grown close to and we had a ball!

If you are young (or even if you're not they need all ages!) please look into getting involved in your local amateur dramatic society. If acting and singing isn't your thing why not support others by getting tickets? They are normally crazy cheap and okay the acting and stories aren't necessarily going to take your breath away but chances are you'll have a bit of a giggle and it's a nice evening out!


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