Thursday, 7 May 2015

I Think I Might Be An Adult.

Have you ever had that moment when you stop, look at your life and realise you might, possibly, be a little bit of a grownup? Well recently I've experienced a lot of these moments and let me tell you I don't think I like it!

Here are a few things that have left me feeling like I need to watch a Disney film, surrounded by my cats and cuddly toys while stuffing my face with all manner of unhealthy, sugar filled sweets, cake and/or popcorn then afterwards blow a big ol' raspberry at the world and shout "NO. I REFUSE TO BE THIS MATURE ADULTY THING YOU THINK I AM"

Getting called lady/miss or any derivative of these words.
Now before the negative side there actually is a bonus to this one because at first it makes me feel a little regal and princessy. However when it's a parent referring to you as one of these to their child it's not so fun. It makes me think that this actual grown up considers me to be on their level and that is not a responsibility I signed up for!

My tastes have changed.
I like dark chocolate now people (... and nuts)! I'm not sure exactly when it happened or why but I actually quite enjoy the taste... especially if it's dispersed with raspberries.This might seem like a fairly insubstantial change but I never even considered liking it as a kid, it was one of those things that I definitely saw as "adult".

I work every day.
Now this isn't too much of a shock to the system as we are used to being at school every day but the difference is if you're tired or just not feeling it you still have to do it... and do it properly.
No resting heads on arms and making it look like you're completely engrossed in the text book that happens to be in front of you. No slyly using your phone under the desk because your attention span just can't cope with the lesson (which by the way teachers know 100% what you're doing because no one looks at their crotch and smiles for no reason.... or if you do then you might want to talk to someone).
You're getting paid to not only be there but complete everything asked of you so you kinda have to put in the effort now and if that's not maturity then I don't know what is!

So I'm finally working and earning money, that's great right? Then along comes that little bugger that takes a ma-hoosive chunk of my pay every month. Clearly I knew about this prior to my employment from the muffled moans of older people around me already suffering the pain. But like so many before me I was unprepared for just how much it would hurt and now I am one of those "old" people that shakes my fist getting irate about the government taking liberties! (which in reality we appreciate because it means health care and retirement and all that boring stuff that's actually super important and useful).

I am not afraid to answer the phone.
Okay so it should probably be I am less afraid, as the sound of a phone ringing still turns my brain to mush so when I have to speak I become a bit of an incoherent babble-goblin.
I have to answer the phone at work every day and the prospect of not knowing what I will be asked is something that would have terrified the hell out of me a few years ago but now I deal with it and afterwards realise that hey it wasn't so bad and I managed to help that person! Growing in confidence is a prominent sign of getting older - but a nice one!

I might be in my twenties and seen as a fully grown human BUT I vow to remain the person that holds her pen like a moustache because it's more interesting plus leaves both hands free for typing, laughs at the surname Shakeshaft (yes I met someone with this name.. sorry but it's a little funny), has stuffed toys, super hero notepads along with pictures of strong female Disney characters around her work desk and loves nothing more than her unicorn onesie and a chocolate milkshake.

Some of these points might seem a little detrimental to the general enjoyment of life so before you have a break down and spend the rest of your life searching for pixie dust to get to Neverland I will hastily add that being considered an adult does have many, many benefits - which I'm sure we'll chat about at another time!



  1. I think my 'I think I might be an adult' moment was when I started buying things based on 'comfyness' and practicality. What is that about?

    And same with the nuts. I eat loads now, is this part of getting old?

    1. Haha oh I know that feeling! The thought of wearing heels all night now makes me slightly panicky and comfy bras might be the most vital part of my wardrobe.....

      I think so, at least it's a healthy part :P x