Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Tunes For Tuesday | Marianas Tench - Good To You.

First the excuse for lateness.....

I'm evidently a very simple person as I've been left thoroughly confused by the bank holiday - having a day off on Monday has thrown my entire week into mayhem! Sorry 'bout that.

This is another band that I was lucky to land upon (not literally obviously, mind out the gutter please) during my time at Uni. This occurred through my liking of a previous #TFT band (All Time Low) as another fan told me about them. Thanks Chey!

Their music has such a unique quality and each song is completely different which is a talent in itself and that's not to mention Josh Ramseys voice - which fyi is so hypnotic you can't help but be sucked in to every note he produces.

This song is a more recent discovery, I don't know why I hadn't noticed it earlier but of course I adored it (it also features Kate Voegele who is stunning in her own right).

Marianas Trench have new music coming out soon so keep your eyes and ears peeled.


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