Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Tunes For Tuesday | McFly - Sorry's Not Good Enough.

I had the absolute joy of being at a McBusted show last night and let me tell you it was INCREDIBLE. I've seen McFly play 3 times before so know they always put on a good show and the addition of 2/3 members of Busted was only going to increase the awesomeness.

I am happy to admit to you right now that I am a pretty big McFly fan.
I have all their albums (including both greatest hits), know essentially every word to them.... and most of the B side tracks, I had my walls AND ceiling covered by their faces for many a year (also maybe my school history folder and phone background), spent literally hours of my life watching interviews, met them through being a pioneer member of their fansite and I possibly got a little emotional at the 10 year anniversary show ..... okay okay I cried 3 times!

So having shared more than you probably ever needed or wanted to know about my ever so slight obsession with this band it won't be a shock that they are my TFT. I actually already had a song in mind for this week but after last night I couldn't allow myself to not post a McFly song! My choice is definitely a track that I tend to forget my deep love for and I feel really deserves to be shown some appreciation.

So here is Sorry's Not Good Enough by McFly!

Also just because I can and I know you will enjoy it here's an acoustic version (just look at those baby faces!)


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