Sunday, 5 April 2015

Awesome Of The Week | Wagamamas Vegetarian Food.

Before I specifically talk about the veggie dish I ate I just want to take a minute and appreciate the glorious restaurant that is Wagamamas.
It is Japanese food that is always super fresh and delicious, I would go as far as to say that right now it might be one of my favourite places to eat!

On Wednesday I went to Wagamamas for the first time since becoming a vegetarian/vegan (which I'm sure I will post about at some point!) so I had to make a more conscious decision on what meal to choose... turns out it probably wasn't vegan. I'm still learning which foods are 100% vegan, it can be a bit confusing and sadly this time I was mistaken!

I had the yasai katsu curry and although I am disappointed it wasn't vegan it did taste amazing and I genuinely prefer it to the chicken version. If you are a vegetarian looking for something a little different Wagamamas is probably a very good choice. Also the ingredients are so fresh and pretty darn healthy so you don't even have to feel guilty afterwards, added bonus!

P.s A side dish that actually IS vegan and insanely good is the Yasai Gyoza - Vegetable dumplings. Yum.


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