Monday, 13 April 2015

Awesome Of The Week | Portsmouth Historic Dockyard

So my schedule has already failed! Without warning our internet decided to stop working over the weekend and as I had very little spare time I couldn't get anywhere with wifi to edit and post this. Alas I am doing it now so I'm hoping you can forgive me this once. I have had to spend 4 days without internet so deserve a certain level of sympathy.

On to my AOTW which was our family day out to Portsmouth Historic Dockyard for my mums birthday. All four of us (Mum, Dad and sister) have annual passes to the docks but for me and my sister it was our first visit and we loved it!

There are ancient war ships that you can walk all around, we didn't get any of the books or audio guides as our parents had already been a couple of times but I definitely advise you do this on your first go round as there isn't a whole lot of info on the actual ships. You can however just wonder around pretending you're in Pirates of The Caribbean .... which I definitely didn't do.

The Victory and Warrior are fully intact ships and they are brilliant as they really let you appreciate what it would have been like to travel on them, but my personal favourite was The Mary Rose Museum. Although an entire half of her is missing there are thousands of objects that were preserved perfectly that can be marveled at, all with their own fascinating back story and the half that's left is still pretty damn impressive.
The legend of the Mary Rose is truly astonishing and the museum goes into beautiful detail so you can re-live the history. Plus I've always had a bit of a crush on the Tudor period so to experience just a taste of King Henry's pride and joy is worth every penny (on that note entry is super cheap and lasts for a year so you can go back and won't feel in anyway rushed!).

The weather was gorgeous, the company was amazing and over all we had brilliant day celebrating my Mum and everything she does for us!


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