Thursday, 2 April 2015

A Re-Jig and Whole New Blog Schedule.

Firstly the re-jig - The change you may have noticed if you've visited before is right at the top of the page. Yup I have changed the name of the blog!
Colourmyworld is a username I have always associated with and is in the URL of this page so it made sense to link it all in!

Secondly the schedule - I am fully aware that I'm rubbish at posting regularly, now the more I have thought about it the more I realise I need a proper structure. It seemed like such a good and easy idea to have no plan, it means I can post about whatever I fancy at any point in the week - gives me time and options right?


All it does is leave me with too many choices (I'm not a decisive person!) and a whole load of excuses to not get it done! So I have convinced myself that by coming up with a plan for at least a couple posts a week it might get me into a more organised and creative head space! So the future of ColourMyWorld will go as follows -

Tuesday = Tunes For Tuesday #TFT
Fairly self explanatory and anyone that knows me to any degree will be aware of my love of listening to music. From now every Tuesday I will share a song that I have played way too many times and fallen head over heels in love with. I warn you it's not likely to be anything new or honestly even in the charts but if it is new to me or I have rekindled my love for it you bet your ass you'll hear about it!

Thursday = General Post
Well .... um... it'll be general.
Ever changing probably with very little structure, I still need some spontaneity!

Sunday = Awesome Of The Week #AOTW
If you have read my blog you will already know how this one works. If you are new this is an old series I had that now will have a specific day of the week to go up which should (hopefully) ensure I actually do it. If something has sparked my interest, caught my eye or just made me smile then it will go here, in essence it is just to spread some extra awesome into the world and share it all with you!

Although these might not seem like massive changes, for me I feel like they will make an invaluable difference to my blogging abilities. I'm making a conscious effort to really get the blog running .... and keep it that way.

So here's to the future and actually having an idea of what this blog is about!


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