Thursday, 9 April 2015

Films I Want To See.

One of my favourite parts about going to the cinema (other than the popcorn obviously, sweet and salt mix if you please) is getting overly excited after seeing all the trailers for upcoming movies. I went to see Cinderella the other day (which surprisingly I really enjoyed!)  and realised I wanted to watch nearly every single one of the films advertised, so I thought why not share them!

A Royal Night Out - Release date 8th May

It's set at the end of WW2 and is all about that one night that princesses Elizabeth and Margaret are actually allowed to leave Buckingham palace and it gets a little wild.

It looks to be filled with gorgeous dresses, disguised princesses and a lot of fun.

Starring Sarah Gadon as Elizabeth and Bel Powley as Margaret.

Far From The Madding Crowd - Release date 1st May

Based on the novel by Thomas Hardy, which no I haven't read but have a feeling I might after seeing this film, the trailer alone was enough to peak my interest.

I think I just like the idea of Carey Mulligan playing yet another unique and kinda badass character (she is Sally Sparrow in Doctor Who), this time with the added bonus of her being a sheep farmer in Victorian England. Pretty boys, mixed up love interests, I'm sold.

Inside Out - Release date 24th July

This one I have seen a few trailers dotted about the place and without fail it makes me laugh every damn time.
Pixar can do no wrong in my book so that is probably enough to make me head to the cinema as soon as it's released, but it's the plot itself that has me intrigued.
The idea that we have a group of little people living inside us that react to everything around us and control what we do. It can only lead to a film that will be hilarious, heart warming and a must see!

Spys - Release date 5th June (my birthday just fyi)

Okay so hands up I didn't actually see a trailer for this one but the poster as we walked to our screen looked so awesome . The cast is incredible and you know straight away it is going to be a truly epic comedy - Melissa McCarthy, Miranda Hart, Jason Statham, Allison Janney and Jude Law. Now that deserves a round of applause and I am VERY excited.

Think a far less sophisticated M from James Bonds having to go into the field because the targets know the identity of all the actual trained, real life spies .... with hilarious consequences.

Who else is going to live in the cinema for the next few months? I know I won't be the only one.



  1. The cast for Spys is woah! Let's have a period drama marathon: A Royal Night Out and Far From the Madding Crowd back to back!

    1. Um well that sounds freaking fabulous, it even deserves alliteration!

    2. And how good does Spys looks!?!? I saw the poster with the four main characters on and knew I needed to see it!