Sunday, 5 July 2015

Awesome Of The Week | Sprilizer.

I first used one of these at my friends house and have been meaning to purchase myself one for an absolute age!!

The idea is that you "spirilize" vegetables (generally courgette) into noodles as a healthier substitute to pasta or regular noodles. I am wanting to really amend my unhealthy ways and thought this was a good place to start as it allows for super quick meals like pasta but that are way less stodgy and carby.

My choice of meal on this particular night was courgette noodles with garden peas, spring onions and mushrooms in a small amount of pesto.

To be honest any sauces you would have with pasta would work amazingly with this or a sweet and sour would be delish!
I personally love it as you can feel less guilty about simple dishes that take next to no time to prep and unlike pasta/noodles courgette brings extra flavour to the whole meal (without over powering at all).

My machine actually came with a couple of different blades - I can spirilize in two thicknesses, grate, slice and juice all manner of tasty things. It was from amazon and you can find it here.

Reckon you'd give this a go?


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