Sunday, 19 July 2015

AOTW | Bunny slugs.

These little creatures are adorable and that isn't a word often used to describe slugs. I noticed them when Green Peace mentioned them on their Facebook page and I saw the pictures of what seemed to be a little fluffy bunny with black ears!

They have come back to the forefront of social media since Japan has being going ca-razy over the sea slugs (or Jorunna Parva) and their little fluffy bodies. Their "ears" are actually what are known as rhinophores which are sensory organs allowing them to detect distance, scents and currents when in the water. They live in the waters around Asia and can be found all over from India to the Philippines to Japan.

They are only about 2cm in size so if they weren't cute enough their tinyness just makes it all a little over whelming!

Watch the video below to see the little peanuts in action!


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