Thursday, 25 June 2015

Out is In.

Recently a whole troop of people have decided to take the leap of faith and open up about their sexuality. I'm mostly talking about Youtubers in this instance, youtubers such as Joey Graceffa and Ingrid Nilsen also in the past we've had Troye Sivan, Connor Franta, Tyler Oakley just to name a few.

And I love it.

I am so pleased that more and more people in the public eye feel comfortable, confident and supported enough to talk about things that are clearly very personal to them. It's encouraging a whole generation to not be afraid of being themselves - whether that is to do with sexuality or any other insecurity - it's all good with us.

I've been an LGBTQ supporter forever and although I myself am straight it doesn't stop me from feeling super happy about the love that is being spread through these videos. 
Even in this day and age it can still be a scary prospect to be openly gay or bisexual or anything other than straight lets be honest. All these "celebrities" that have a mass following and who aren't straight is only going to encourage the acceptance of love in all it's forms.

No matter who you are attracted to love is always something to be celebrated. Always. So to all those who have made the decision to be public with their sexuality, and those who haven't, I salute you, keep doing you!

I'm sure I'm not alone in wanting and expecting a time when coming out isn't a necessity for anyone. That you can bring home a partner of any gender, race or background and the only part of it being judged is that you are both respectful, caring and loving towards each other.

So here's to spreading love, however you want to take it!


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