Thursday, 11 June 2015

Being Sick.

I am currently off work with what can only be described as the grossy gross lurgy.
I have been feeling drained and a bit rubbish for a couple days now and had to properly debate going to work or not - I'm one of those people that always feels guilty about letting people down and have only had 2 days off in two years. This added to the fact that I recently took annual leave during the busiest time of the month for my job aaaand I have had to do the same for next month made it a tougher choice than normal.

There are times though when it gets to the point where your health is more important. I did not sleep well due to my reduced ability to breath and woke up feeling even worse than yesterday. I got myself out of bed and mulled over getting ready for work but I have run myself down and if I don't allow for rest I'll end up needing even more time off - taking the day should mean I'm more equipped for tomorrow.

So many people hate calling in sick and worry about the consequences but I am here to tell you that every single human being gets ill and needs to take time for themselves. Listen to your body and learn what it needs whether that be a kick up the butt to just get on with things or a serious sit down to rid you of any sicky demons that might be hanging around. You don't have to feel guilty or like your causing issues for other people regardless of how hectic your job might be or if someone might need to pick up a little of your work. In the long run if you don't allow time you will run yourself into the ground and end up at a place that takes a hell of a lot more effort and time to come back from.

Allow yourself to get better.

Take time.

Feel well.


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