Sunday, 21 June 2015

Awesome Of The Week | Game of Thrones.

Before you read any further I want to put out a disclaimer that I will not be giving away any spoilers as I am awful at watching shows at the time of being aired so if you are yet to get around to watching season 5 I won't ruin it for you!!

Game of Thrones has been a massively well received TV series and once you start it yourself you quickly see why. For me the main reason for my interest are the plot twists, everyone loves the unexpected and J.R. Martin does it like no one else and you're always left shocked and often highly emotional!

Season 5 was no exception with new alliances, huge turns, dragons and a number of  deaths that honestly I'm still not over. No matter how mentally scarring this show is I can't help but go back for more, the allure of the unpredictable, characters that become family and really one of the best theme tunes ever it's not surprising I'm an addict.


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