Tuesday, 28 October 2014

It's been a few days...

So basically I was planning for my next update to be part of booktober but I have a) been really busy and b) been feeling pretty darned rubbish the past few days.
My throat feels like someone has hacked at it with a scouring pad and every muscle feels like lead. I'm not after sympathy (although certainly wouldn't turn it down!) more giving a reason for my lack of posting.

I'm still hoping to finish all four books before the end of the month but am going to be a bit behind with the last two.
I have started reading Pawn of Prophecy and although am not far into it am already loving it. It's one of those novels I've been meaning to read for years since both my sister and dad have raved about this series for a long time.

I will be back soon, promise.


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