Saturday, 30 August 2014

Awesome Of The Week: VO5 Styling Mousse.

I have decided on a new weekly segment for this blog - it will be called Awesome Of The Week - kind of given away by the title of this post....
The idea for this segment is to talk about something that has had a particular impact on me that week. It might be a song, a book, a product or just a situation I want to share!

For the first week I wanted to feature a product - VO5 styling mousse. I've never actually done a product review or even mentioned a product in any blog post ever, I'm new to it so bare with me.

For anyone unaware I have curly hair, like really really curly hair and everyone with curly hair knows the nightmares it leads to. The single best thing for curly hair is the right product, something that controls the frizz leaving smooth curls but that isn't to heavy and pulls the curls out.

I have struggled and almost shaved my hair off after trying to get it to look some what presentable but this mousse does the job perfectly.
Just shlap a handful on (dependent on amount of hair, don't go overboard less is more!) towel dried hair after a shower and then blow dry upside down. Now I can't promise this will work for all those with big hair as it tends to do whatever it fancies and ignore any opinion you might have but for me it seems to help!

If you are looking for something that is easy to use and within budget give it a go and hopefully it can become your hairs new bff.


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