Tuesday, 13 November 2012

A very Warped Adventure.

So on Saturday I went to Vans Warped Tour UK. And it was fabulous!
Never have I seen so many vans, converse, skinny jeans, tattoos, peircings or band T's, and believe me I was not complaining (many pretty boys! YAY)

It was in Ally Pally in London so we left bright and early from Sophie's (as it's closer to London then our house in Bath) and got there in plenty of time as doors didn't open until 1.30pm.

To start with the negatives my ticket never arrived in the post, so I called them and arranged to pick it up from the venue which seemed simple enough. Oh how I was mistaken.

We asked about 5 different people where to pick it up from and they all said different places, one of them said the temporary building, we went over, there were two doors, one you couldn't get to and another that was open. I went in the open one and the lady had no clue where I needed to go, Thanks.

So I asked yet another person who said "queue up, go inside and the box office is on the left." We queued for 2 and a half hours, which wasn't too bad, we expected that as there were supposedly 10,000 people going.

As the line started moving and we approached the door I noticed we needed a ticket to get passed the door!! Shit.

So I explained to the lady that I didn't have it and needed to pick it up, she rather roughly told me to go back to the temp building I'd been at before and get it there. Really not pleased now! So Sophie and her sister went in and I said I'd catch them when I was in there.
I went back to the building and now the other door (previously shut) was open, okay so 1. Why was it not open before and 2. How did the woman in the room NEXT DOOR not know that's where they'd be selling tickets!? Anyway I got the ticket.
I then had to go back to the end of the queue and go through it again, luckily the line was moving at this point so it only took about another 40 minutes!

So not a great start but do not fear, it got AWESOME.

First off we went to the merch market (after much searching and thinking the only stall was the Vans one!) on the way we saw a line of people that were queuing for what looked like nothing. As we passed we realised it was none other than Max Helyer from You Me At Six and all these people were waiting to meet him.

I have to add here that he was not on the bill to play, I think he was simply there for his merch stall.
Back to the day, Sophie's little sister is a huge YMAS fan so obviously we had to get in line and meet him, I filmed the whole situation for her as a momento seeing as how she was all kinds of excited. All I can say is he was adorable, he was such a nice guy and even apologised for us having to wait even though he didn't have to see anyone and really needed to pee (he let us know this!).
We reached the merch market after about 40 minutes more of queuing! We spent lots of money, it was good.
So then the music that we wanted to listen to began (at about half 4 after buying the extortionately priced food and drink). Man overboard and Dead Sara were first and were both incredible if you get the chance go and listen to them because it's well worth it.
Next was the "Secret" act that no one knew who it was until entering the festival, it turned out to be Charlie Simpson of Busted, Fightstar and then solo fame. We were, as you can imagine, very happy about this and so stayed to listen to his set which was brilliant, he was lively and very very talented.
Next was Funeral For a Friend, who I had never really listened to before but after their performance definitely will do now, again no disappointments there, the guitar solos were amazing and the energy that they produced was undeniable.
So lastly we had the co-headliners, Bring Me The Horizon and Lost Prophets. Neither of which I saw! I'm not a massive fan of BMTH (I do love Oli Sykes though, he seems awesome) so I went and watched Less Than Jake on my own, they were good and really funny so I liked that. I also missed Lost Prophets because I stayed at the same stage to watch Bowling For Soup. I told myself I could always go into the main stage and watch a bit of Lost Prophets if I felt like it. I didn't.
BFS were insane I genuinely can't fully explain how enjoyable they were to watch, you can tell they've been in the business for a long time. Their talent shone through but not only that they played all the songs that people have come to love and although they were the last ones on that day they got everyone's energy up and we all danced and screamed and crowd surfed (well I didn't do that, but many did).
They were definitely my favourite of the day. So thank you.

And then we headed home and looked back on the awesome day that was Warped.

I am already looking forward to next year, which it has apparently been said that there will be 6-8 shows in the UK and Europe opposed to one which is great as it was such an experience.

I urge you all to go.

Bye x

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