Saturday, 8 December 2012

Buying tickets is a pain in my arse.

So I wanted to buy some concert tickets that went on sale today, they were released at 9am.

Now I don't do mornings, and by that I mean I REALLY don't do morning, I will stay in bed for as long as I can, so you can only imagine getting up at 9 does not suit me well.

However I knew I wanted these tickets so I set my alarm and was online by 10 past 9.

The first problem I encountered was Ticket master wasn't working properly, I didn't get through to the final screen for a half hour.

I digress.
The standing tickets weren't working from the off so I assume they sold out .... in 10 minutes!!
I managed to get through on the seating tickets but my seat is second row from the back.
So as I'm sure you'll agree I got a bit antsy about the whole thing.

Luckily I love the band so am willing to go even if I'm at the back, I want to make a point here, that I am fucking excited about going and am grateful I got tickets in ANY form, all I'm saying is I still find it crazy how tickets sell so damned quickly!!

I guess it goes to show how much music means to people, which will always amaze and impress me, especially as I too am one of these people for whom music is a driving force.

I know a lot of people that wanted to go to these shows will not have managed to get tickets, I am sorry and hope you all get to go soon.

But for those who are going .... I'll see you at the McFly show!



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