Monday, 25 January 2016

Now You See Me.

So I looked up some blogging prompts after a bit of a dry spell and one suggestion was"Now you see me" and I know the point was to write a blog post but for some reason this is what I made of it.....
I've never really written anything or released anything to the public like this before but 2016 is about taking risks and doing new things so here it is. Now I shall go run and hide. K thanks bye.

I am weak
I am scarred
I am insecure
I am broken

Now you see me

I should be positive
I should be smart
I should be confident
I should be strong

Now you see me

I want to be optimistic
I want to be creative
I want to be free
I want to be happy

Now you see me

I can be brave
I can be smart
I can be confidant
I can be at peace

Now you see me

I will be passionate
I will be motivated
I will be important
I will become whole

Now I see me.

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