Wednesday, 13 January 2016

December Favourites.

So it's been a while and I'm sorry.
Christmas kind of took it out of me and I feel a bit flat and deflated at the moment so my apologies for that but I am going to try and get back into the swing of actually doing things.

Here is my very belated December favourites!

- Starting Youtube (again!) -
I have done a few YouTube videos in the past but never genuinely liked them. I wrote a whole post on it over here but if you fancy watching them (can't promise how regular they will be) head over to my page.

- Booking Holidays -
In one month I managed to book two holidays for 2016. One with my friends to Tenerife and one with my sister, a cruise round the med, I can't wait as I seriously need to get away soon! Bring on the cocktails.

- AHS Coven -
I've already done a post about this show so of course it was going to be in my favourites. Honestly this show is the best thing I have watched in  a very long time.

- Longleat Light Festival -
This happens every year at Longleat Safari Park, I was lucky enough to go last year and we decided to go again this time around. Longleat is an amazing place to go on a normal day, zoos and wildlife parks are essential for conservation and education but Longleat is a safari park and every single animal has ample space and appears to be cared for in the best possible way. Let's be honest we've all been to zoos that leave us feeling a little sad..... Longleat also has beautiful gardens and a stunning house you can look round.
Each winter Longleat adds a Chinese light show to all this and is really is quite a spectacle. Large, life size animals are glowing all around the grounds as well as flowers that tower over your heads and huge dragons that breath steam. If you get the chance to go I highly recommend it.

- Christmas -
Although a somewhat obvious choice for December it's got to be put in the list!
I love Christmas, it's always been my favourite holiday and although this year it took me a little while to actually feel festive the 4 days over which we celebrated with family were amazing. Being cosy inside  with your loved ones, drinking a little too much and eating your body weight in cheese is always a great way to end the year.

So here's to a adventurous 2016!


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