Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Simply Spreading Smiles.

I came across a website recently which, in short, aims to increase happiness all around the world.

It might seem obvious but doing little acts of kindness as often as possible can really change someones mood, day, week or possibly something on a grander scale if you let it.
This website aims to bring together a group of people who are determined to start ridding the world of a bit of the rubbish that seems to be ever growing. The little time I've spent on the site has shown me that it could have the potential to become a real community. All the members having the same aim but achieving it in a huge array of different and interesting ways.

The bare bones of the idea - whenever you are involved in an activity that is kind, selfless or simply made someone other than yourself smile, you write about it and post it on the community page so that others can get the warm fuzzies by reading it or potentially get inspiration for their own acts of kindness.

This month (starting today - sorry this is a bit late) there is a campaign called the "21-day challenge" in which every person that signs up performs an act of kindness everyday from Sept 11th. When you do sign up the site will email you every day with an idea/action that all involved will try to complete however if you aren't able to then just do whatever you can that is kind.

Everything about this web page makes me happy and the fact that it is because it makes others happy is just brilliant. They even have a scheme called "pay-it-forward" - whenever the act of kindness is completed you pass on a Smile card (provided by the site) so that others will continue a chain of making others happy.

If like me you think this is all kinds of amazing then simply head on over to Kind Spring now and take a look around, maybe sign up to the 21-day challenge.


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