Wednesday, 28 August 2013

My Madeira Experience.

I have just returned back to the UK after 2 weeks in Madeira accompanied by my family, that’s mum, dad and older sister. We left at an inordinately early time on Monday 12th and I had my reservations about the whole trip. Now before I sound like an unappreciative dick, I was excited to get away of course. I was apprehensive about not being able to make the most of it and my family ending up being disappointed with my reactions to the trip. In all honesty I‘m not convinced I was able to take full advantage of the experience. This post however is not going to consist of me moaning about how hard it was to be away, it wasn't. On an entirely selfish level it’s by far the most beneficial thing I've done in a very long time.

I admit that yes I have been wallowing in a self-loathing pit of melancholy for some time and it has come to a point where I realise the only thing that can, and fingers crossed will change that is me.
This vacation was I feel the first step in the right direction. I can’t begin to explain how important it is to have time spent away from work (that isn't awful but is by under no illusions brilliant) and to be almost permanently surrounded by positivity for two weeks.

For those that are unaware Madeira is a small Portuguese Island north of Tenerife (or so I’m told by Wikipedia) near South Africa. The weather there is pretty constant all year round and luckily for us that tends to mean warm and clear. Contrary to my normal habits of staying inside in the season of summer, I do enjoy sunshine - it’s just an unfortunate turn of events involving rubbish genes that have led my body to hate it. That being said the holiday was incredible even being - quote from the holiday  -“covered in sunshine”.

I held a parrot, an owl, stroked an iguana and a snake (minds out of the gutter please), went to the city, did traditional dance, ate and drank till I felt sick and went down a road (still used by cars) in what was effectively a basket. One of the most memorable occurrences though would have to be a particular song that the hotel decided to play during aqua aerobics. The aqua aerobics was done every day and led by one of the entertainment staff named Wayne. He smelled like gloriousness and had the body of someone that could very well turn up in the kind of dream that shouldn't be shared in public but that is a tangent for another occasion. I shall now link you to said song – The majority of the hotels stayers were either French or German and so the lyrics weren't necessarily considered, however as you can imagine we found it hilarious.

In the end the two weeks were relaxing and quiet and just perfect. I would definitely encourage anyone wanting a picturesque, break from everything sort of holiday to go to Madeira.  

Here is said basket that you travel down roads in. No there are not wheels and yes the "breaks" are the shoes of the two men pushing it.

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