Sunday, 10 October 2010

THE meeting

I had the amazing oppurtunity to go to a signing of one of my favourite authors, Darren Shan. Unfortunately I have only read one of his series, the Darren Shan Saga, however it was utterly incredible it had me enthralled all the way through and I can't wait to read the Demonata series and the new series he is just releasing. Although not sure when I will have the time to read them as I should be studying hard right at this moment!! But appear not to be!

His books are not only gripping right from the start but an "easy read", not too say he isn't an intellectual writer his stroylines are very clever but his books are suited to anyone who would like a light read that keeps them interested for 12 books of the series. They all have unexpected twists that keep you captivated.
As much as I enjoyed dwelling in the world of Darren Shan for a short while, I was admittedly dissapointed with the ending of the Saga and I think that others felt similar.

As I read it I thought that maybe Darren would have a change of heart, as he effectively erased his entire history. This obviously included meeting Debbie and Evra, and yes maybe things didn't always go as planned and there were great losses but surely knowing Larten Crepsley for that short period was better than not knowing him at all??

This may just be me longing for the disney ending that I so wish for everytime I read a book! Growing up living off Disney has apprently given me unrealistic expectation of men and also life in general, not all stories can have a happy ending I suppose, life may become dull if this were the case.

I'd finally like to truely thank Sophie, my friend who had the immense generosity of giving me the fisrt book of Darren Shans latest series which will follow the life of a much younger Larten Crepsley and his journey into the darkness of vampirehood!
Can't even begin to explain the excitement!

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