Tuesday, 25 July 2017

I'm a Teacher Now (and other updates)

So the whole keeping up with this while being a trainee teacher did not happen.... it was hard man!

I have now completed the course and am a fully qualified science teacher with a job and everything! I honestly am as surprised as everyone else in my life seems to be that I actually did this and (shock, horror) enjoyed it!

So what now?

Well I'm currently on my summer holidays (hurrah!) which is why I have found the time to sit down and put my fingers back to the keys. I'll be starting my first teaching job in September which is both exciting and poop my pants terrifying. I know that at least for the next month I will definitely be able to keep updating this blog and fingers crossed be doing things that are worthy of sharing with you. This next year is going to be extremely hard work and although I would love to really get this blog off the ground I worry that spare time will be tricky to find. Having said that this could be the perfect excuse to unwind and relieve the inevitable stress that comes with teaching, I'm crossing every possible body part that I will find the time to write at least once a week. Send me your positive and motivational energy please.

What can you expect from me?

Honestly I have no idea! If you have read any of my past posts you will note that I've never had any resemblance of a theme which I think is probably why I've failed miserably to make this an actual blog with regular posts.
Over the past few weeks there have been some changes and I think this is probably what my blog is going to be all about.... life style posts and stuff that interests me. Sound okay?
I have begun my journey back into veganism after massively falling off the wagon.... multiple times. This time however I am so freaking motivated that it will stick... IT WILL.
I've started doing regular exercise... yeah me!
My plan is also to make this summer a spiritual one. I have been fascinated by wicca and nature religions for a long time and so will be delving deeper into that with this free time I seem to have found for myself.

It's been and hopefully will continue to be, a year of change and growth so that's what I want to focus on and share with you...... come join the adventure!


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