Thursday, 15 October 2015

My First Blogger Meet Up.

I was very lucky to be able to attend a book blogger event at Walker publishers in London last weekend and here's what happened.

Actually before I tell you all about it I should probably explain how I, someone who has not blogged in months and even when she does it isn't often about books, managed to hustle an invite to this kind of event. Well it's all down to my beautiful love Sophie over at So Many Books, So Little Time - she is an incredible book blogger who has been going strong for many years now and just so happens to be my best friend.
The plan was already in place for me to go and stay with her when she was told about the meet up and rather than me changing the dates of my visit she asked if I could be her plus one, thankfully the wonderful people at Walker said I could crash the party.

We were up at the god awful time of 7am ... on a Saturday people. A Saturday! After a slightly misguided journey (thanks to engineering works and the stations for having no information on the platforms) we turned up in Vauxhall and met up with Sarah who is a blogger friend of Sophies and headed to the office.

The whole morning had a regency tea party theme because of Alison Goodman being one of the guests speaking to us about her book The Dark Days Club - set in regency London and following Lady Helen on her journey where she has to decide between taking her place in society or joining the sinister and dangerous world of demon hunting!
The first thing that happened? We ate croissants, which were later followed by scones with cream and jam and sandwiches galore. Once we'd successfully chowed down on the first lot of food we were hustled into the conference room where we had the chance to listen to a number of authors discuss their books -

Richard Kurti - Maladapted
Alison Goodman - The Dark Days Club
Nat Luurtsema - Goldfish

We were given the books of 2 of the above authors in a goodie bag along with 2 others, I did feel a tad guilty about taking the bag considering I was only there as an extra.... not guilty enough to not take it though. Obviously. I haven't quite decided which one to start with but I will definitely tell you all about them once they are released to the public.

Another speaker Nat Luutsema who is a comedian, actress, author, producer and all around super woman took some time to tell us about her new book, Goldfish, sadly it was not ready for us to take but I still want to tell you about it because the extract she read left me VERY excited for when it is published and I think you should be too. It is set to be hilarious, dry and one of those books you just won't want to end.

It was a fascinating morning and I loved learning more about publishing and what goes on behind the scenes - plus nothing gets you more wired to read than hanging with professionals and people who are insanely passionate about everything book!

Let me know if you've read any good books lately!


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