Sunday, 22 February 2015

Crafting... Sort Of.

I've never written about something I've made before as I'm not artistically gifted in any shape or form and even though I would love to I rarely have the time to do any big, serious projects.

For Christmas my sister bought me a super cute poster which I adore. The poster is carboard and I didn't want to attach it anywhere without protection so a frame was necessary. I found one that seemed to fit the bill for my A4 sized print and so I ordered it online. When I opened it though the front was completely smashed....

As the frame was inexpensive it probably would have cost me just as much or even more to return it, so I threw it out and decided I would search again.
When my sister moved back in to the family home with me and our parents she brought with her a spare frame that was not being used and suggested I could use it for my print. Perfect.

The issues arose when  I tried to put the picture into the frame, it was HUGE. There was a large amount of blank space around the outside leaving the brown wooden back showing ... not a good look.It seemed a waste to not use this perfectly good frame so I starting thinking of what background colours could work.

Trying to match the purple of the prints background would be near impossible, black to go with the frame would be way too dark and using the white of the lettering just wouldn't look right. Bugger.

Suddenly I remembered that I had some black and white tissue paper left over from my trip to the Disney store that had protected my mug..... Which in case you're interested is freaking awesome!
Me and my sister both love Disney, plus the black and white coordinated with the frame and the lettering without being over powering.

Okay so admittedly it wasn't complicated or much effort and all in all is completely unimpressive but I am pleased with how it turned out!

So here it is before -

And then the final product -

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