Thursday, 27 November 2014

I am Thankful.

I am by no stretch of the imagination American, however I think a holiday dedicated to sharing all the things we are grateful for is a beautiful idea. Here is a little list of all the things I want to say thank you for partly to inspire others to really stop and think about how lucky they truly are but mainly because it's a cute thing to do once in a while that gives you a real sense of perspective.

- My family who are always there to support me and never fail to make me smile. I am so blessed to be able to refer to the members of my family as my closest friends. Because that's honestly what they are, when you strip away the fact that they have to put up with me because they live with me.

- Gorgeous friends that will always reply to a text or call no matter how far spread we may now be. Also that we can not see each other for months on end and yet when reunited we don't aknowledge any separation what so ever.

- The ability to own pets. I have a bit of a managerie and love them all unconditionally, I couldn't now imagine my home without animals.

- My job. Yes I complain and moan about it but seriously my job is pretty awesome. The people I work with and for are genuine and kind people and for me that is vital, regardless of the actual work itself.... Also earning money is kinda nice.

- The fact I can access so much. I have a laptop, phone, television and iPad for Internet - meaning entertainment and communication all of which are a luxury often expected and assumed but not appreciated.

- All my fleecie blankets and jumpers. At this time of year my blankets, marvel jumper and unicorn onsie are loved and worn beyond belief. 

- Also with the temperature dropping I am thankful for a nice cup of tea, nothing makes you feel more at home and cosy than a good cuppa.

- Books. As seen by my attempt at booktober I am trying my best to get into a regular reading habit... I'm getting there slowly.

- Music - there is no mood that can be experienced that you can't find a song to accompany and that's pretty special. Music really is how feelings sound.

- Cake. Or baked goods of any kind. It's again at this time of year that I remind myself how much I enjoy baking. In fact as we speak I am waiting for some blueberry cupcakes to cool down so I can tuck in.

So those a few things that are right with my life right now, all in all I reckon I'm doing fairly good!

Take time to think about all the good things you have, let them sink in and you might just find that life can be freaking amazing.


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