Thursday, 11 April 2013

What is beautiful?

So recently I've been thinking about self-confidence and decided that I'd write a blog post about it so here we go.

I am one of those girls (and yes boys do this too) that has tried to change myself in many, many ways, that ends up annoyed every shopping trip because the clothes I see on other people and love look out of place and just pure awful on me and will continue to notice the negatives about myself rather than the positives.
When people are constantly comparing themselves to those around them it becomes dangerous and ends up completely encompassing every thought. It is clear that no one is alone in this, it is a huge issue among young women and men and I'd love to say that changing society's view on what is seen as beautiful can help all of these people and begin the elimination of certain features being so important, I don't know that it will. It doesn't seem to work that way, it doesn't matter whether bigger women are seen on television and occasionally throughout magazines the majority will continue to be skinny, tall girls that have also been photo shopped to be pretty much unrecognisable. As long as the use of natural women is considered a big deal and something that is applauded and seen as taking a stand it will never be accepted as normal and considered what is common place.

So in a way what this rant is all about is that until it is widely known that just because you say you're willing to see a certain body type or physical feature as attractive (whether it be weight, how big your boobs/arse are, tall or short) well that to me just states the fact that if you feel the need to make it an important factor then you might not be as okay with it as you think.

I just wanted to give my opinion on this as I myself have had and certainly still have issues with the way I look, and it is just that, an opinion I understand that others will disagree. I also want to say that if you like/are the model type and society's view of beautiful then that is great and you are just as beautiful as other people. This post is not about bashing models and saying that they are wrong to want to look that way it's more a case of trying to appreciate that it's pointless to compare yourself to every other person you see because as humans we are all individual and different.
And trust me I know everyone has heard this before and it won't change a thing, hell I'm the one writing it and I don't practice what I preach .... but I can hope that perhaps it can help open some eyes.

Thanks for reading.

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